What type of technology do you use to mark the neck plate?

We use two types of engraving the first is diamond drag engraving where a diamond is used in a computer controlled (robotic) machine scratches in the surface. The second is a impact printer where a diamond in a special printer impacts the steel and depending on the amount of contrast determines how deep it strikes the steel to make a permanent marking on it.

What do I need to do to request a custom style that I want all I see, on your web site all I see is stock neck plates?

Send us the information and or image you want on your neck plate and we will send you a proof to scale of the layout for your approval.

What fonts or graphics can I use?

If you have a certain font or graphic you want please email us the true type font and or the graphic to us for review. We subscribe to www.clipart.com and can use any graphic you find there as long as you provide us with the number that corresponds with the graphic.

What type of neck plates do you engrave?

We only stock standard neck plates for Fender Stratocaster© and Telecaster© (and like) guitars. If you have another type guitar with a bolt on neck plate please do inquire as we can get other types available.

What is a standard Stratocaster© and Telecaster© (and like) guitar neck plate?

Do you give discounts for builders?

Yes, please email us with the quantity your interested in for details.

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